General Purpose Silicone Mold Kits

Silicone Mold kits

General Purpose Silicone Mold kits

Our general purpose silicone kits come with a base and a catalyst. No need to purchase catalyst separately. No need to de-gas your mixture so no vacuum chamber is required.

You have about 30 minutes of working time, with a 45 minute pot life total. Cures in about seven hours or overnight.

Our materials are made by BlueStar.

EXAMPLE, For a normal 100 gram batch, use the following:
100g Silicone Base material
10g Catalyst material
110g TOTAL

Thixotropic additive thickens the compound so that it can spread on a vertical surface like you would spread frosting on a cake. It usually take about 25 minutes for the thixo to kick. Use 1 to 5% by weight of base.

Steve's recommendations for thixo:
First Layer (AKA The Beauty Coat): Use no thixotropic.
Second Layer: Use 1% thixo by weight.
Third Layer: Use 2% thixo by weight.
All Additional Layers: Use 5% thixo by weight.

EXAMPLE, Batch with Thixo:
100g Silicone Base material
10g Catalyst material
5g Thixotropic material
115g TOTAL

NOTE: There are 454 grams in a pound.

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