Each Haunted Attraction is listed by country, state (or province) and city. For information on how to list a Haunted House here please go to the New House Submission form. If you see anything that needs updated, information fixed, please do so on the error submission form or contact the Owners/Operators and ask them to update their information.

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Eastern USA
[Alabama] [Connecticut] [Delaware] [Florida] [Georgia] [Kentucky] [Maine] [Maryland] [Massachusetts] [Mississippi] [New Hampshire] [New Jersey] [New York] [North Carolina] [Ohio] [Pennsylvania] [Rhode Island] [South Carolina] [Tennessee] [Vermont] [Virginia] [West Virginia]

Central USA
[Arkansas] [Illinois] [Indiana] [Iowa] [Kansas] [Louisiana] [Michigan] [Minnesota] [Missouri] [Nebraska] [North Dakota] [Oklahoma] [Texas] [Wisconsin]

Western USA and CANADA
[Arizona] [California] [Colorado] [Hawaii] [Idaho] [Montana] [Nevada] [Oregon] [Utah] [Washington]
[Alberta] [British Columbia] [New Brunswick] [New Foundland] [Ontario]

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