Welcome to Special Effect Supply

Very excited!

Heading out to a big concert tonight.

Name of the band is, “Infection”.

Being opened by a group called, “Mass”.

-- Steve

I'm Still Open, roughly 10:30 to 5:00 Mon. - Fri.

Attention Walk In Customers by Appointment Only Please: PLEASE CALL 801-936-9762

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Wonderful Supplies and Information about Them

(In Alphabetical Order)


Formulated for Casting of Body and Face

Body Paint

Alcohol and Water-based Body Paint

Books and DVDs

Always Start with Good Information

Breakway Bottle Resins

Piccotex, Piccolastic and Blend for bottles and glass.

Stock Video Clips for Haunters

Not Everyone Owns a Ghost . . .

Life Casting Supplies

Alginate, Plaster Bandages

Plaster, Stone and Gypsum


Steve's Foam Coat

My Acrylic hard coat is light and strong. Can be sprayed. Can be cut and drilled. Not a plaster product. Will not eat EPS (Styrofoam (R)

Hemispherical Domes

For Eyes, Display, Robots

Stock Christmas Video Clips

Santa, Black Santa, Elves and more. . .

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