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Steve's Indoor Laminating Resin

Indoor Laminating Resin

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Indoor Laminating Resin

I love the strength and durability of polyester resin (fiberglass resin) but I can't stand the hazardous fumes. For many years I've wanted to offer my customers an alternative that would be safe to use on the hobby level in a home shop or garage. Well, I think we've finally got it. We've now got a superb acrylic resin that can be used with any porous material including traditional fiberglass, or regular textile cloth. It can be used to create simple projects including the stiffening of cloth for signs and displays. It dries hard and strong.

Add Model # Description Price
ILR-8 Indoor Lam. Resin, 8 oz $4.99
ILR-16 Indoor Lam. Resin, 1 pint $7.49
ILR-32 Indoor Lam. Resin, 1 quart $17.95
ILR-128 Indoor Lam. Resin, 1 gallon $39.95
ILR-640 Indoor Lam. Resin, 5 gallons $184.95


Steve's Basic Resin - Reducer

Do not use water to dilute any of Steve's products. Use this instead. Use to "cut" any of the foam coats or bulking agents. Can be used to treat paper or cloth for stiffness. Dilute with water to use as a plaster additive.

Add Model # Description Price
SBR-8 Basic Resin, 8 oz $4.87
SBR-16 Basic Resin, 1 pint $7.49
SBR-32 Basic Resin, 1 quart $17.95
SBR-128 Basic Resin, 1 gallon $39.95
SBR-640 Foam Coat, 5 gallons $189.95

Bulking Agent Additive

Steve's Bulking Agent Additive

Add to any Steve's resin product to add texture. Great for tree bark or build ups.

Add Model # Description Price
BAA-8 Bulking Agent Additive, 8 oz $6.75
BAA-16 Bulking Agent Additive, 1 pint $10.24
BAA-32 Bulking Agent Additive, 1 quart $16.49
BAA-128 Bulking Agent Additive, 1 gallon $54.95
BAA-640 Bulking Agent Additive, 5 gallons $259.95

Re-Texturing Agent

Steve's Re-Texturing Agent

Sprayable primer that takes away the Styrofoam (R) texture on EPS. Takes paint very well. Can be used as a barrier for harsher chemicals, but please test for your application.

Add Model # Description Price
RTX-8 Re-Tex, 8 oz $5.49
RTX-16 Re-Tex, 1 pint $8.49
RTX-32 Re-Tex, 1 quart $13.49
RTX-128 Re-Tex, 1 gallon $44.95
RTX-640 Call for Price