Latex Rubber

Latex Rubber for Molds and Masks

Make sure you use the right latex formula for the right job. Latex mold compounds can be found in our Molding and Casting section.

Cold weather will kill latex.

We can ship latex during the winter, but you'll need to work with us so that it gets to you safely. Shipping by air or during warmer weather patterns help. Please call or email us for details.

Mask Making Latex for masks, props and economy molds

Also known as slip or slush latex. For making Latex Halloween masks and simple latex appliances.

Our professional grade mask latex shrinks very little in the mold. There will be no need to compensate your sculpture for latex shrinkage.

If you are currently using a latex that requires size compensation you are either using the wrong latex or an out-of-date formula.

Mask Making Basics

Add Model # Description Price
MSKL-8 Slip Casting Latex, 8 oz. $7.50
MSKL-16 Slip Casting Latex, 16 oz. $10.00
MSKL-32 Slip Casting Latex, 1 quart $18.00
MSKL-128 Slip Casting Latex, 1 gallon $42.00
MSKL-640 Slip Casting Latex, 5 gals. Round Heavy $184.00

Premium Non-Ammonia Latex for Skin, Masks and Molds

Very high quality latex. Non-ammonia formula makes it safer for use on skin. Very popular for beard-work. This low shrinkage formula can also be used for mold-making. I like to use it for fake skins because it's easy to use, is inexpensive and it's natural color suggests human skin.

NOTE: Technically non-ammonia latex is DE-ammoniated latex, which means the ammonia has been evaporated off with a special machine. You should be able to smell traces of the ammonia when your open the jar. Ammonia is used as a preservative, it works by maintaining the pH of liquid latex. Because of these trace amounts of ammonia there will be a warning on the jar label.

Add Model # Description Price
NAL-4 Non-Ammonia Latex, 4 oz. $6.25
NAL-8 Non-Ammonia Latex, 8 oz. $10.25
NAL-16 Non-Ammonia Latex, 1 pt. $17.50
NAL-32 Non-Ammonia Latex, 1 quart $23.90
NAL-128 Non-Ammonia Latex, 1 gal $69.00