About the makeup lines we carry
by Special Effect Supply

SES Makeup

Begin your makeup order here. We don't manufacture our own makeup, but we have a great selection of makeup and accessories which is a great place to start. With thousands of items from which to choose we needed a place to begin, so we have made this list. All the items on our SES makeup list are chosen based on value, availability and quality. These are things I would get for myself based on these criteria. If you're going to get something generic you might as well order something we already have on the shelf rather than forcing a special order and waiting an extra week or two for your order to be shipped. If you order something which is not on this list then I will assume you are insisting on that brand name.

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Ben Nye

Ben Nye makeup is a very high quality makeup mostly designed for theatrical use, but they do support makeup for film and video. They have the largest selection of makeup of any of the lines I carry. The company itself is easy to work with, they back their products up, ship promptly and are more organized than most. Because of this I usually start with Ben Nye and go to others as I need too. If I'm out of stock or if you want something I normally don't have on the shelf it will take only a few days to get it from Ben Nye. Ben Nye catalogs are free with orders if you request them with your order and if we have them.

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I often describe Kryolan as the company that carries all the hard-to-find special effects stuff, like special bloods and cold foam. Much of their makeup is imported from Germany and has the European tint that is preferred in Europe. Kryolan is a famous brand for opera and stage. They have the most diverse product line of any of the lines I carry. Their price list itself is a good education in what is available. They are always very busy and sometimes my shipments don't get here for a few days. Because of the import situation it will sometimes take several months to get some items in. Kryolan catalogs cost $10 and are available directly from them.

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Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly Cosmetics is now out of business. Bob still runs his wig shop.


(products found on our General Makeup page)

Mehron is a quality makeup that usually is a good lower-cost alternative to some of the others. Their student makeup kits, for example, are a very good deal. The company itself is well-established and has been around for many years. Because they are a long distance from my store it takes extra time to receive shipments from them. I sometimes will get back orders on their orders because they don't have everything in stock. Mehron catalogs are free if you request them and if we have them. They have a minimun order which I have to meet before I can order from them, so unless you want to wait for several weeks for Mehron Products you will have to place an order containing at least $100 of their stuff.