Blood and Scars


We have many types of blood for you to choose from: generic, squirt, chunky, stage, film, and capsules.

Generic Stunt Blood

This bright red blood is great for stage and horror films!

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BLD-4 Stunt Blood, 4 oz $6.25
BLD-8 Stunt Blood, 8 oz $7.95
BLD-16 Stunt Blood, 16 oz $12.95
BLD-32 Stunt Blood, 1 quart $17.95
BLD-128 Stunt Blood, 1 gallon $59.95
BLD-640 Stunt Blood, 5 gallons $249.95

Stunt and Stage Blood, Venus

This dark red blood is great for stage and horror films!

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VBLD-4 Dark Stunt Blood, 4 oz $6.25
VBLD-8 Dark Stunt Blood, 8 oz $7.95
VBLD-16 Dark Stunt Blood, 16 oz $12.95
VBLD-32 Dark Stunt Blood, 1 quart $17.95
VBLD-128 Dark Stunt Blood, 1 gallon $59.95
VBLD-640 Dark Stunt Blood, 5 gallons $249.95

Squirt Blood

This bright red blood is great for pumping or squirting!

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SBLD-4 Squirt Blood, 4 oz $6.25
SBLD-8 Squirt Blood, 8 oz $7.95
SBLD-16 Squirt Blood, 16 oz $12.95
SBLD-32 Squirt Blood, 1 quart $17.95
SBLD-128 Squirt Blood, 1 gallon $59.95
SBLD-640 Squirt Blood, 5 gallons $249.95

Chunky Blood

Chunks of "Tissue" are suspended in this blood mixture. This product looks delightfully horrifying and is, of course, non-toxic.

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CHUNKB-16 Chunky Blood, 1 pint $14.95
CHUNKB-32 Chunky Blood, 1 quart $20.95
CHUNKB-128 Chunky Blood, 1 gallon $64.95
CHUNKB-640 Chunky Blood, 5 gallons $259.95

Stage Blood

Stage Blood

A Ben Nye brand, peppermint flavored, blood that is non-toxic. Realistic qualities include vivid coloring and medium flowing viscosity. Many feature films have used our blood exclusively. It may stain some fabrics and surfaces; testing before use is recommended. You can expect 12-30 applications per ounce.

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BN-SB2 Stage Blood, 0.5 oz/14 ml $3.00
BN-SB3 Stage Blood, 1 oz/29 ml $4.00
BN-SB4 Stage Blood, 2 oz/58 ml $7.00
BN-SB45 Stage Blood, 4 oz/118 ml $10.00
BN-SB5 Stage Blood, 8 oz/236 ml $15.00
BN-SB6 Stage Blood, 16 oz/473 ml jug $24.00
BN-SB7 Stage Blood, 32 oz/946 ml jug $38.00

Gelatin Blood Capsules

Gelatin Blood Capsules

Empty capsules you can fill with stage blood.

Description BN-GB0: Complete Blood Pack. Fill these gelatin capsules with Stage Blood several hours before use. Bite into capsules, and let the blood flow.

Description BN-GB1 and BN-GB2: Gelatin Blood Capsules. Open a capsule, and fill one-half full with blood. Capsules hold their shape even if not used for several days. Place in mouth and bite down to release blood.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-GB0 Blood & 12 Gel Caps, 0.5 oz / 14 ml $8.00
BN-GB1 10 Pack Gel Caps, 0.5 oz / 14 ml $5.00
BN-GB2 32 Pack Gel Caps, 0.5 oz / 14 ml $12.00

A+B Blood

2 part kit, powder and activator liquid. Special effect blood in a powder form. Sprinkle the powder on the desired skin area and bring into contact with water or component B. The desired blood effect becomes visible instantly

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K04095 Magic Blood, 2-Part, 1.0 oz $13.10

Thick Blood

Thick Blood

A Ben Nye brand blood paste that dries on the skin.

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BN-TB0 Thick Blood, .5 oz / 14 gm $5.00
BN-TB1 Thick Blood, 1 oz / 28 gm $7.50
BN-TB2 Thick Blood, 6 oz / 170 gm $22.00
BN-TB3 Thick Blood, 16 oz / 454 gm $38.00

Fresh Scab

Fresh Scab

A Ben Nye authentic brownish-blood tint for older, dried bloodclotting effects. Bloods never completely "set", but the outer layer "scabs over". This product is washable and may stain some fabrics; testing before use is recommended.

Melt in hot water, apply with the spout or a stick

Add Model # Description Price
BN-TS1 28gm Fresh Scab $7.50
BN-TS2 170gm Fresh Scab $22.00
BN-TS3 454gm Fresh Scab $38.00

Ben Nye Effects Gels

1oz/29ml & 2oz/58ml

This product comes in three colors: Blood, Flesh (Clear) and Scar (Opaque). These useful, realistic colored gels produce durable self-made wounds, cuts, burns, and scars. Simply melt in hot water until gel turns into a liquid and spread it onto the skin with a spatula. After you create your wound, allow it to "set" as it cools.

Shades: Blood, Flesh (Clear), Scar (Opaque)

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BN-GE1 Blood 1oz EFX Gel $10.00
BN-GE2 Blood 2oz EFX Gel $12.00
BN-GE3 Flesh (Clear) 1oz EFX Gel $10.00
BN-GE4 Flesh (Clear) 2oz EFX Gel $12.00
BN-GE5 Scar (Opaque) 1oz EFX Gel $10.00
BN-GE6 Scar (Opaque) 2oz EFX Gel $12.00

Ben Nye Effects Gel Wound Kit

Ben Nye Effects Gel Wound Kit

This is the same product as the above, but in a kit form with a detailed instruction card. You can design durable and realistic lacerations, burns, wounds and scars with this useful pack of gels. Wounds may be premade. This product is available in 1oz. and 2oz. sets of blood, scar, and flesh colored gels. You can expect 30-50 applications per ounce.

Description BN-GE10: Three 1 fl oz/29 ml bottles.

Description BN-GE11: Three 2 fl oz/59 ml bottles.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-GE10 Three 1 oz / 29 ml bottles $24.00
BN-GE11 Three 2 oz / 59 ml bottles $30.00

Nose & Scar Wax

Nose & Scar Wax/Fair

Nose & Scar Wax/Fair

Light flesh color (pictured on left)

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BN-NW1 Nose/Scar Wax Fair 1 oz / 28 gm $5.00
BN-NW3 Nose/Scar Wax Fair 8 oz / 227 gm $18.00
BN-NW4 Nose/Scar Wax Fair 16 o z/ 454 gm $29.00

Nose & Scar Wax/Brown

Nose & Scar Wax/Brown

A darker flesh color for darker skin tones. (pictured on far right)

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BN-BW1 Nose/Scar Wax Brown 1 oz / 28 gm $5.00
BN-BW2 Nose/Scar Wax Brown 2 oz / 56 gm $8.00
BN-BW3 Nose/Scar Wax Brown 8 oz / 227 gm $18.00
BN-BW4 Nose/Scar Wax Brown 16 oz / 454 gm $29.00

3-D Effects

3-D Effects

Wrinkle Stipple

This specialty latex is thinner than Liquid Latex. After it dries, the demarcation line between Stipple and skin is nearly invisible. Ideal for creating subtle facial wrinkling, especially crow's feet. Apply Castor Sealer to prevent discoloration before crème makeup is applied. The light flesh tone dries nearly clear.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-WS2 Wrinkle Stipple, 2 oz $9.00

Rigid Collodion

Rigid Collodion

This item is used to make scars. It is the traditional scar effect product. The chemicals shrink the skin to simulate an intended cut.

Flammable Must be Shipped UPS Ground

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K01470 Collodion, Rigid, 1 fl oz Flammable $10.95

Scarring Liquid

Rigid Collodion

Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid" is a clear solution created for Special Effects Makeup work to create the effects of scarring skin. When the Rigid Collodion "Scarring Liquid" is painted onto a small area of the skin, it creates wrinkles when it dries. You can create larger scarring effects by repeating the application. To remove, you simply peel it off. .25 oz.

Flammable Must be Shipped UPS Ground

Add Model # Description Price
ME-204-RAC Rigid Collodion .125 fl oz $6.63