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Best Results Best when applied with a flat brush. Adequately mix with water or LiquiSet to form a creamy consistency. Apply to clean, dry skin and allow to dry to a smudge-resistant finish. Spray Final Seal over completed designs for extra durability. For quick removal, clean skin (and brushes, too) with Hydra Cleanse oil-free cleanser.

MagiCake Palettes

MagiCake Palettes

MagiCake Palettes

MagiCake Aqua Paints have earned kudos for powerful color and rich consistency. Six- and twelve-color Palettes provide a solid springboard for virtually any makeup creation. All forty-two MagiCake shades are available as refills. Empty six color Palette Box (BXE-6) and twelve color Palette Box (BXE-12) available to customize as you wish!

Applications: 100-600 per kit.

CFK-6 (Six Colors) .9oz./24gm. Net Wt.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-CFK6 6 Pri Clear MagiC Palette $28.00

CFK-12 (Twelve Colors)

MagiCake Palettes

1.7oz./48gm. NetWt.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-CFK12 12 Pri Clear MagiC Palette $48.00



.14oz./4gm. (for BXE-6 and BXE-12 Metal Palette Boxes) (Available in all 42 MagiCake shades).

Add Model # Description Price
BN-RM1 Cloud White MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM3 Licorice Black MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM4 Fire Red MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM5 Bright Red MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM52 Cranberry MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM6 Calypso Blue MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM61 Stormy Blue MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM62 Cosmic Blue MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM65 Marine Blue MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM7 Azure Blue MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM8 Turquoise MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM81 Tahitian Blue MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM82 Seafoam MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM89 Maize MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM9 Sunshine Yellow MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM10 Marigold MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM102 Mustard Seed MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM104 Burnt Pumkin MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM108 Lime Green MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM110 Gecko Green MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM11 Emerald Green MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM112 Kelly Green MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM12 Tropical Green MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM122 Split Pea MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM129 Royal Purple MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM13 Vivid Violet MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM135 Light Lavender MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM14 Magenta MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM15 Passion Pink MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM16 Hot Pink MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM165 Bazooka Pink MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM17 Bright Orange MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM19 Rust MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM195 Honey Brown MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM20 Subtle Brown MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM21 Warm Brown MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM22 Character Shadow MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM23 Grey MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM24 Misty Violet MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM25 Ultra Lite MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM251 Linen Lite MagiCake Refill $5.00
BN-RM26 BrownBlack MagiCake Refill $5.00

Aqua Paints

MagiCake Aqua Paints

MagiCake Aqua Paints

With our magnificent color range, design possibilities are endless. Vibrant colors mix easily into a rich, creamy paint. Use water when blending shades, or substitute LiquiSet when a smudge and water resistant finish is preferred. Available in Personal and Professional sizes.

CF. Personal Size: .21oz./6gm. (Minimum weight). Expect 25-50 Applicastions per .21oz./6mg. Container.

LA Professional Size: .77oz./22gm. - 1oz./28gm. (Minimum weight)

MagiCake Aqua Paints

NOTE: New Color Tahitian Blue

Add Model # Description Price
BN-CF1 Cloud White MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF3 Licorice Black MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF4 Fire Red MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF5 Bright Red MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF52 Cranberry MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF6 Calypso Blue MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF61 Stormy Blue MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF62 Cosmic Blue MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF65 Marine Blue MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF7 Azure Blue MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF8 Turquoise MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF81 Tahitian Blue MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF82 Seafoam MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF89 Maize MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF9 Sunshine Yellow MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF10 Marigold MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF102 Mustard Seed MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF104 Burnt Pumpkin MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF108 Lime Green MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF110 Gecko Green MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF11 Emerald Green MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF112 Kelly Green MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF12 Tropical Green MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF122 Spilt Pea MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF129 Royal Purple MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF13 Vivid Violet MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF135 Light Lavender MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF14 Magenta MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF15 Passion Pink MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF16 Hot Pink MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF165 Bazooka Pink MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF17 Bright Orange MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF19 Rust MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF195 Honey Brown MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF20 Subtle Brown MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF21 Warm Brown MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF22 Character Shadow MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF23 Grey MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF24 Misty Violet MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF25 Ultra Lite MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF251 Linen MagiCake AP Per $7.00
BN-CF26 BrownBlack MagiCake AP Per $7.00

Professional Size

.77oz/22gm min. wt.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-LA1 Cloud White MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA3 Licorice Black MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA4 Fire Red MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA5 Bright Red MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA6 Calypso Blue MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA62 Cosmic Blue MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA65 Marine Blue MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA7 Azure Blue MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA9 Sunshine Yellow MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA108 Lime Green MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA112 Kelly Green MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA12 Tropical Green MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA129 Royal Purple MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA165 Bazooka Pink MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA17 Bright Orange MagiCake AP Pro $12.00
BN-LA23 Grey MagiCake AP Pro $12.00