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Best Results Shimmering brilliance, dry or wet. Apply dry like an eye shadow, or mix with water or LiquiSet for dramatic, opaque color. Luxe Powders mixed with LiquiSet produce a beautiful, shimmering liquid makeup for airbrush or brush application.


Grande Colour

Grande Colour

Any one of our brilliant and colorful shades may be applied wet or dry for a beautiful effect. For a soft shimmer, apply pressed colors dry. For brighter effects, mix water or LiquiSet into any of these shades to make a creamy and brilliant paint.

LU (Personal Size) .09oz./2.7gm.; Applications: 25-150 per

Add Model # Description Price
BN-LU1 Ice Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU2 Iced Gold Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU3 Aztec Gold Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU4 Silver Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU5 Bronze Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU6 Sun Yellow Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU7 Tangerine Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU8 Chartreuse Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU9 Mermaid Green Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU10 Jade Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU11 Turquoise Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU12 Cosmic Blue Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU13 Royal Purple Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU14 Amethyst Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU15 Persimmon Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU155 Cherry Red Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU16 Azalea Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU17 Cosmic Violet Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU18 Golden Apricot Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU19 Peacock Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU20 Starry Night Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00
BN-LU21 Indian Copper Lumiere Grande Clear $12.00

Refills for Grande Colour

Refills for Grande Colour

Refills: .09oz./2.7gm. (Refill for ESP-8 Pressed Colour Palette) (Available in all 22 Lumière Shades).

Add Model # Description Price
BN-LUR1 Ice Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR2 Iced Gold Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR3 Aztec Gold Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR4 Silver Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR5 Bronze Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR6 Sun Yellow Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR7 Tangerine Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR8 Chartreuse Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR9 Mermaid Green Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR10 Jade Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR11 Turquoise Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR12 Cosmic Blue Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR13 Royal Purple Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR14 Amethyst Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR15 Persimmon Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR155 Cherry Red Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR16 Azalea Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR17 Cosmic Violet Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR18 Golden Apricot Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR19 Peacock Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR20 Starry Night Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-LUR21 Indian Copper Lumiere Refill $9.00

Lumière Grande Colour Palettes

Lumière Grande Colour Palettes

Lumière Grande Colour Palettes

Lumière colors are "must-haves" among artists and performers who appreciate their vivid luminescence and versatile brilliance. Our professional metal palettes are available in either six or twelve colors for creative face and body painting. Brush is included.

All twenty-one Grande Colour shades are available in single Palette Refills. Additionally, empty Palette Boxes (BXE-12) are available and ready to fill with the colors of your choice.

LUK-12 (12 Colors as listed) 1.5oz./43.2gm. Net Wt. Applications: 100-500.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-LUK12 12 Lumiere Grande Clear Pal $65.00

Refills for Lumière Grande Colour Palettes

13oz./3.6gm. (for BXE-6 and BXE-12 empty metal palette boxes). Available in all 22 Lumière shades.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-RL1 Ice Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL2 Iced Gold Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL3 Aztec Gold Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL4 Silver Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL5 Bronze Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL6 Sun Yellow Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL7 Tangerine Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL8 Chartreuse Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL9 Mermaid Green Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL10 Jade Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL11 Turquoise Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL12 Cosmic Blue Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL13 Royal Purple Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL14 Amethyst Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL15 Persimmon Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL155 Cherry Red Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL16 Azalea Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL17 Cosmic Violet Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL18 Golden Apricot Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL19 Peacock Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL20 Starry Night Lumiere Refill $9.00
BN-RL21 Indian Copper Lumiere Refill $9.00

Lumière Creme Wheel

Lumière Creme Wheel

Add bold sizzle to glamour or fantasy designs. Set these luminescent cremes with either Ice or Iced Gold Luxe Powder for a shimmering finish.

LW 1oz./28gm. Applications: 50-250.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-LW Lumire 6 Color Wheel 1oz/28gm $20.00

Pearl Sheen Eye Accents

Pearl Sheen Eye Accents

Draw attention to eyes with these versatile, shimmering pressed colors. Silky-smooth texture allows for delicate or bold coverage.

BN-PS .06oz./1.7gm. Applications: 20-85.

Pearl Sheen Eye Accents
Add Model # Description Price
BN-PS1 White Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS5 Ultra Violet Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS6 Sapphire Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS9 Rose Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS12 Mango Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS13 Walnut Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS14 Copper Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS15 Gold Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS16 White Gold Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS18 Bronze Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS19 Silver Grey Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS20 Sea Blue Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS21 Charcoal Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00
BN-PS22 Turquoise Pearl Sheen Shadows $10.00

Fireworks Wheel

Fireworks Wheel

On or off stage, this wheel offers beautiful brilliance anytime, anywhere. Six elegant and luminescent cremes for eyes, cheeks and lips.

FW 1oz./28gm. Applications: 50-500.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-FW Fireworks Wheel $20.00

Fireworks Creme Colors


Six Luscious soft shimmers in a silky smooth creme texture. Apply directly on skin or over powdered makeup. Choose from Personal and Professional (not shown) sizes.

FW Personal .3oz./8.5gm. Applications: 20-80.; Professional 1 oz./28gm. Applications: 50-300.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-FW1 Gold Dust Fireworks Creme Clear SM $9.50
BN-FW3 Silver Satin Fireworks Creme Clear SM $9.50
BN-FW41 Silver Satin Fireworks Creme Clear LG $12.00
BN-FW7 Ruby Luster Fireworks Creme Clear SM $9.50
BN-FW9 Copper Fireworks Creme Clear SM $9.50
BN-FW11 Bronze Fireworks Creme Clear SM $9.50

Lumiere Ultra Bright Powder

Fireworks Wheel


Add Model # Description Price
BN-LX100 Ultra Bright Powder .21oz./6gm. $14.00

Lumiere Luxe Powder

LX .24oz./7gm.

Add Model # Description Price
BN-LX1 Ice Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX2 Iced Gold Lumiere Luxe Powder, .24oz./7gm. $12.00
BN-LX3 Aztec Gold Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX4 Silver Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX5 Bronze Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX6 Indian Copper Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX61 Sun Yellow Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX7 Tangerine Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX8 Chartreuse Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX9 Mermaid Green Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX10 Jade Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX11 Turquoise Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX12 Cosmic Blue Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX13 Royal Purple Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX14 Amethyst Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX15 Persimmon Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX155 Cherry Red Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX16 Azalea Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX17 Cosmic Violet Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX18 Golden Apricot Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00
BN-LX19 Peacock Lumiere Luxe Powder $12.00

Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder

Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder

The best of both worlds... Lumiere Luxe Powder and brilliant glitter. Mix Sparkle Powder with LiquiSet Sealer to produce a durable luminescent paint. For sheer radiance, dust Iced Gold or Sun Yellow over a layer of baby oil. Beautiful on bare skin for Midsummer Night's Fairies.

LXS .28oz./8gm. Applications: 10-30.

Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder
Add Model # Description Price
BN-LXS2 Iced Gold Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder $13.00
BN-LXS4 Silver Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder $13.00
BN-LXS61 Sun Yellow Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder $13.00
BN-LXS9 Mermaid Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder $13.00
BN-LXS12 Cosmic Blue Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder $13.00
BN-LXS16 Azalea Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder $13.00
BN-LXS17 Cosmic Blue Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder $13.00
BN-LXS20 Starry Night Lumiere Luxe Sparkle Powder $13.00