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Details, small and large, are important to makeup artists and hair stylists.
Adhesives, Sealers and Cleaners are vital to most every character. Ben Nye's quality and product selection is unsurpassed in the industry.


Glitter Glue

Keep glitter, such as Sparklers or sequins, firmly in place. Alcohol base and water-soluable.

*Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground

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BN-AGB Glitter Glue 1oz/29ml Flammable $7.00

Spirit Gum Adhesive

Our sticky adhesive dries to flat finish and keeps lace beards, hair pieces, and prosthetic appliances attached firmly. Tap adhesive until "tacky" before use.

*Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground

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BN-SG1 7ml Spirit Gum Adhesive Flammable $4.00
BN-SG2 29ml Spirit Gum Adhesive Flammable $9.00
BN-SG25 118ml Spirit Gum Adhesive Flammable $20.00
BN-SG3 236ml Spirit Gum Adhesive Flammable $32.00
BN-SG4 473ml jug Spirit Gum Adhesive Flammable $48.00

Prosthetic Adhesive

Apply this durable adhesive to bond prosthetic appliances, such as latex ears or clown noses, securely to the face. Durable against perspiration.

Remove with Bond Off! Remover.
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BN-AD1 29ml Pros Adhesive $8.00
BN-AD3 118ml Pros Adhesive $20.00


Spirit Gum Remover

Ben Nye

Quickly dissolve the sticky residues of Spirit Gum with this effective remover. Wash afterward with Hydra Cleanse.

*Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground

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BN-GR1 14ml Spirit Gum Rem Flammable $2.50
BN-GR2 29ml Spirit Gum Rem Flammable $3.00
BN-GR22 59ml Spirit Gum Rem Flammable $5.00
BN-GR25 118ml Spirit Gum Rem Flammable $8.00
BN-GR3 236ml Spirit Gum Rem Flammable $10.00

Bond Off! Remover

Thoroughly cleans Prosthetic Adhesive, Medical Adhesive, and similar residues from skin and appliances.

*Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground

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BN-BR0 .5 fl. oz./14ml Bond Off! Flammable $2.50
BN-BR11 1 fl. oz./29ml Bond Off! Flammable $4.00
BN-BR1 2 fl. oz./59ml Bond Off! Flammable $7.50
BN-BR15 4 fl. oz./118ml Bond Off! Flammable $9.00
BN-BR2 Size Discontinued Flammable N/A
BN-BR21 8 fl. oz./236ml Pump Bond Off! $14.00
BN-BR3 16 fl. oz./473ml Jug Bond Off! Flammable $20.00
BN-BR4 32 fl. oz./946ml Jug Bond Off! Flammable $35.00

Remove-It All Remover

Ben Nye's newest remover contains universal solvents that make it indespensable as a cleanser to gently and efficiently remove all creme makeups, Spirit Gum, Prosthetic and Medical Adhesives. Non-hazardous, color and perfume free.

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BN-RR2 Remove-it All Remover 2oz $7.50
BN-RR8 Remove-it All 236ml $15.00
BN-RR16 Remove-it All $20.00

Makeup Sealers

Final Seal Matte Sealer

Ben Nye

Apply over any completed makeup for smudge and water resistance. Final Seal keeps makeup in place on performers who heavily perspire. Add to Liquid Paints (about 10%) for greater durability. Airbrush artist, Mark Frazier, uses Final Seal as base coat before airbrushing with MagiColor Liquid Paints. Take precaution around eye area and on sensitive skin. Remove with Hydra Cleanse. Mint fragrance.

*Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground

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BN-FY0 1oz/29ml Spritzer Final Seal Flammable $8.00
BN-FY2 2oz/59ml Spritzer Final Seal Flammable $12.00
BN-FY8 8oz/236ml Final Seal Flammable $25.00
BN-FY16 16oz/473ml jug Final Seal Flammable $38.00

LiquiSet Mixing Liquids


Water-based LiquiSet easily mixes with MagiCake Aqua Paints, Lumière Colours, Color Cake and Cake Eyeliner for a smudgeproof and water-resistant finish. Mix with Lumière Luxe Powders to create a beautiful luminescent paint. FYI: Colors applied with LiquiSet will not blend.

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BN-LQ0 1oz/29ml Spritzer LiquiSet $6.00
BN-LQ1 1oz/29ml LiquiSet $6.00
BN-LQ2 2oz/59ml LiquiSet $7.00
BN-LQ21 2oz/59ml Spritzer LiquiSet $7.50
BN-LQ4 4oz/118ml LiquiSet $12.00
BN-LQ116 Call for Price


Hydra Cleanse

Ben Nye

Gently cleanses face and body, leaving the skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. Removes impurities before makeup application, and most light textured makeups. Cleans water-based makeup reside from brushes. Oil and fragrance free.

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BN-HR1 2oz/59ml Hydra Cleanse $5.00
BN-HR21 8oz/236ml, Pump Hydra Cleanse $12.00
BN-HR3 16oz/473ml jug Hydra Cleanse $15.00

Quick Cleanse

Light, gentle formula easily removes all creme makeups. Gently massage cleanser into makeup with cotton pad, fingers, or sponge, and wipe away. Rinse skin with water.

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BN-QR1 .5oz/14ml Quick Cleanse $2.50
BN-QR2 1oz/29ml Quick Cleanse $3.00
BN-QR3 2oz/59ml Quick Cleanse $5.00
BN-QR4 8oz/236ml Quick Cleanse N/A
BN-QR41 8oz/236ml, Pump Quick Cleanse $12.00
BN-QR5 16oz/473ml Quick Cleanse $15.00

Brush Cleaner

Effective cleaning solution quickly dissolves all oil-based makeup. Available in convenient spray applicator for quick cleaning without disposal issues (see picture above). Pleasant scent. Alcohol base (use in well ventilated area).

*Flammable, Must be shipped UPS Ground

Add Model # Description Price
BN-BC0 1oz/29ml Brush Cleaner Flammable N/A
BN-BC1 2oz/58ml Brush Cleaner Flammable $6.00
BN-BC11 2oz/59ml Spray Brush Cleaner Flammable $7.00
BN-BC2 8oz/236ml Brush Cleaner Flammable N/A
BN-BC21 Brush Cleaner 8oz pump Dispenser Flammable $16.00
BN-BC3 16oz/473ml jug Brush Cleaner Flammable $27.00
BN-BC4 32oz/946ml jug Brush Cleaner Flammable $44.00